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This feature allows you to create a new package that you can assign to any account on your server.

Some hosting providers use the term "domain templates" to describe this concept.

Create a package

To create a package, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the desired package name in the Package Name text box.

    You cannot modify package names. For this reason, avoid package names that include details that you may wish to change later, such as price.

    • Because the system stores packages as files, you may use any valid filename. However, to prevent conflicts with Package Extensions, you cannot name packages extensions.
    • The cPanel interface only displays the package's name (for example, reseller_package displays as package).
    • For easier package management, create fewer packages and use short names.

  2. Enter the required information in the Resources and Settings sections. The Settings section also allows you to change settings for some third-party packages, if the package provider configured this ability. For more information on each option, see the tables below.
  3. Click Add.

Package Extensions

You cannot add or remove package extensions from an existing package through WHM. You may either add a package or use API calls to modify package extension data if you wish to use a different set of package extensions.

If package extensions are installed on your server, the Package Extensions section appears at the bottom of this interface. If you wish to include a package extension in a package, select the checkbox next to the extension name.

Some extensions may include variables that you can change.

For more information about package extensions, read our Package Extensions documentation.

Additional documentation