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This section of WHM allows you to manage your server's SQL databases.

  • Additional MySQL Access Hosts — This interface allows your users to remotely access MySQL® databases on your web server, or a remote MySQL server that you set up with the Setup Remote MySQL Server interface.
  • Change MySQL User Password — This interface allows you to change a database user's passwords. Because this feature does not require the old password, it is useful if a password is compromised or forgotten.
  • Database Map Tool — This interface allows you to grant database ownership to existing cPanel users.
  • Disable Database Prefix —This functionality has moved to Tweak Settings - SQL.
  • Manage Database Users — This interface lists all of your server's database users and allows you to rename database users.
  • Manage Databases — This interface lists all of your server's databases and allows you to rename databases.
  • MySQL Root Password — This interface allows you to set a root MySQL password.


    Ensure that you use a very secure password, because if this password is compromised, the attacker will have access to any of your server's databases.


    • By default, MySQL's root account has no password.
    • You do not need to remember this password unless you plan to log in to any of your databases as the root user.
  • PhpMyAdmin — phpMyAdmin is a MySQL database management system. It allows you to access and edit your server's databases information. For more information, visit the PhpMyAdmin documentation.
  • Repair a MySQL Database — This interface examines and attempts to repair database tables that may have become corrupt. To repair a database, select the database that you wish to repair from the Users list and click Repair Database
  • Setup Remote MySQL Server — This interface allows you to offload MySQL-related work to the remote MySQL server.
  • Show MySQL Processes — This interface lists any processes that currently run on any database on your server.
  • phpPgAdmin — phpPgAdmin is a PostgreSQL database management tool. You can use the phpPgAdmin utility to access and edit information contained within any of your server's databases. For more information, visit the phpPgAdmin documentation.