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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50

(Home >> cPanel >> x3 Branding)


This feature allows you to modify the x3 and x3mail themes so that the appearance of your users' interface changes.  


This interface only allows you to modify the x3 and x3mail themes, as well as any deprecated themes. You cannot brand the Paper Lantern theme from this interface. 

  • For more information about branding for Paper Lantern, read our x3 Branding documentation.
  • We strongly recommend that you do not use deprecated themes.


If you disallow root or reseller logins to cPanel user accounts, the Live Editor link will not function properly.

To enable the Live Editor link, select one of the following options for the Accounts that can access a cPanel user account setting in the  System section of the  x3 Branding  interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings):

  • Root, Account-Owner, and cPanel User — Allows the root user and resellers to access the cPanel account.
  • Account-Owner and cPanel User Only — Allows only the reseller who owns the account to access the cPanel account.



For more information about how to brand cPanel interfaces, read our  documentation. This guide is for users who need more features than are available in cPanel's Branding Editor interface (Home >> Preferences >> Branding Editor).

The Branding table lists all of the themes on your server and the directory in which you can find each theme's files.

To modify a theme, click Live Editor in that theme's Editor(s) column. The system will automatically open a new browser tab and log you in to cPanel's  x3 Branding  interface (Home >> Preferences >> Branding Editor). Use the Branding Editor interface to make all of the desired changes to your themes.