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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50

(Home >> Development >> x3 Plugin File Generator)


This interface allows you to generate a plugin installation file for the cPanel interface's x3 theme. The installation file automates the plugin installation process and stores the desired configuration for your plugin.


  • To create a plugin installation file for the cPanel interface's Paper Lantern theme, use WHM's cPanel Plugin File Generator interface (Home >> Development >> cPanel Plugin File Generator).
  • For more information, read our Guide to cPanel Plugins documentation. 

Generate an installation file

To generate a plugin installation file, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the plugin name, display name, and plugin description in the appropriate text boxes.

  2. To add the plugin as an option in WHM's Feature Manager interface (Home >> Packages >> Feature Manager), select the Feature Manager Support checkbox.
  3. Select the icon group in which the plugin icon will appear from the Group menu.

    • To create a new icon group, select  Create a New Group  and enter the name of the new group in the New Group Name text box that appears.
  4. Enter a number between 1 and 999 in the Display Order Priority text box to specify the icon's display priority. 
    • The default value is 999, which places your plugin's icon last in display order.
  5. Enter the location of the plugin in the Link URL text box. 
    • Enter a location relative to the /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/x3/ directory.
    • For example, enter example in the text box to access a plugin in the /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/x3/example file.
  6. Enter HTML tags that you wish to add to the link tag for the plugin in the Extra Link Attributes text box.
    • For example, target="_blank"
  7. Enter JavaScript that you wish to execute when a user clicks on the plugin link in the "onclick" Event Handler text box. 

    • For example, -JavaScript_HERE_;return false;
  8. Click Browse to select and upload an icon for your plugin.


    • Icon files for the x3 theme must be 32x32 pixels and must use the JPG or PNG formats.
    • The system automatically resizes images that are not the correct size.
    • Icon files cannot be transparent.
  9. Click Submit.
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