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For cPanel & WHM version 58 

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This document describes functionality from cPanel's deprecated x3 theme. We strongly recommend that you use cPanel's current theme (Paper Lantern) instead.

  • We removed the deprecated x3 theme from new installations in cPanel & WHM version 60.
    • Make certain that you read the appropriate documentation for your version of cPanel & WHM.
    • For more information, read our What's My Version Number documentation.
  • cPanel's Paper Lantern theme does not include certain x3 theme-specific features.
    • For a complete list of Paper Lantern features, read our cPanel Features List documentation.
    • If you need a feature that the Paper Lantern theme does not include, submit a feature request.

The following documents describe the features in the cPanel interface's Advanced section.

  • Apache Handlers - x3 — This interface allows you to add and manage Apache handlers. Apache handlers control how your site’s Apache web server software manages certain file types and file extensions.
  • API Shell - x3 — This feature allows you to run cPanel API function calls interactively within the interface.
  • Cron Jobs - x3 — cPanel provides two interfaces that allow you to edit cron jobs. Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that take place at predefined times or intervals on the server.
  • Error Pages - x3 — This interface allows you to customize the appearance of your error pages. An error page informs a visitor who tries to access your site whether there is a problem.
  • Image Manager - x3 — cPanel's Image Manager feature includes three tools to help you manage the images you use on your website.
  • Index Manager - x3 — This interface allows you to configure how a directory index will appear to users who access it.
  • Network Tools - x3 — This area of cPanel’s interface contains tools to help you retrieve network information.

  • Virus Scanner - x3 — This interface allows you to scan cPanel account services for malicious software.