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For cPanel & WHM version 58

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This document describes functionality from cPanel's deprecated x3 theme. We strongly recommend that you use cPanel's current theme (Paper Lantern) instead.

  • We removed the deprecated x3 theme from new installations in cPanel & WHM version 60.
    • Make certain that you read the appropriate documentation for your version of cPanel & WHM.
    • For more information, read our What's My Version Number documentation.
  • cPanel's Paper Lantern theme does not include certain x3 theme-specific features.
    • For a complete list of Paper Lantern features, read our cPanel Features List documentation.
    • If you need a feature that the Paper Lantern theme does not include, submit a feature request.

The following documents describe cPanel's Software and Services features.

  • CGI Center - x3 — The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) allows a web server to run pieces of software called scripts. The CGI Center interface provides CGI scripts that allow you to set up a guestbook, clock, hit counter, countdown clock, and banner ads.
  • Site Software - x3 — The Site Software interface allows you to add useful software to your website. Your hosting provider controls which software is available.
  • Perl Modules - x3— The Perl Modules interface allows you to add and manage Perl modules.
  • PHP Configuration - x3 — The PHP Configuration interface displays information about your server's PHP configuration.
  • Optimize Website - x3 — The Optimize Website interface automatically compresses content on your website when visitors request that content.


    Your system administrator must enable Apache's mod_deflate module for the Optimize Website interface to appear in the cPanel interface.

  • Ruby on Rails - x3 — The Ruby on Rails® interface allows you to create and deploy a Ruby on Rails application.


    Your system administrator must install Ruby on Rails on your server for the Ruby on Rails interface to appear in the cPanel interface.

  • Ruby Gems - x3 — The RubyGems interface allows you to find, install, or distribute Ruby programs and libraries that are in the self-contained "gem" format.