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For cPanel & WHM version 60

(Home >> Resellers)

This set of features allows you to access a list of your reseller accounts as well as a Reseller Center, where you can assign new reseller accounts and configure existing reseller accounts.

  • Change Ownership of an Account — This feature's functionality is now available in the Modify an Account interface (Home>> Account Functions >> Modify an Account).

  • Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges — This interface offers several configuration options for your reseller accounts. You may limit a reseller’s ability to create accounts and access various features. You may also confer root access, assign nameserver IP addresses for accounts that the reseller created, and add A entries for those addresses.
  • Email All Resellers — This feature allows you to email all of your resellers simultaneously.

  • Manage Reseller's IP Delegation — This feature allows system administrators to specify a shared IP address for a reseller. Multiple resellers can use the same shared IP address; however, a reseller can only dedicate the sharedIP address to one account.
  • Reseller Center — This set of features allows you to add or remove reseller status on existing accounts. You can also email resellers and configure existing reseller accounts.
  • Reset Resellers — This feature allows you to apply Account Creation Limits (ACLs) to resellers, or reset package permissions to default values.
  • Show Reseller Accounts — This feature lists reseller accounts. The list includes information about the account owner, the accounts owned, the user's domain, and the package that each account uses.

  • View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status — These features allow you to track your resellers’ disk space and bandwidth usage. You can also use this set of features to suspend, unsuspend, and terminate reseller accounts.

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