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For cPanel & WHM version 60

Settings options

Packages can include the following setting options:

Dedicated IP

A static IP address that the account will not share with other accounts unless the user specifies an account with which to share an IP address.


  • You cannot edit this option after package creation. To change this setting, you must create a new package.
  • We recommend this setting for packages that you will apply to reseller accounts.
Shell Access

Allows the user to access the server through a command line interface.


We recommend that you provide jailshell user environments if you grant your users shell access. For more information, read our VirtFS - Jailed Shell documentation.

CGI Access

Allows the account to execute CGI scripts.


The CGI Center interface (Home >> Software and Services >> CGI Center) only exists in cPanel's deprecated x3 theme. You cannot create new CGI scripts with cPanel's current theme (Paper Lantern), and we strongly discourage the use of the x3 theme.

Digest Authentication at account creation

Enables Digest Authentication support for Web Disk access over a clear text or unencrypted connection. Users with Windows Vista®, Windows 7 , and Windows 8® operating systems require this support.


This setting is required if your server does not have an SSL certificate that a recognized certificate authority has signed .

cPanel ThemeSelect a theme from the menu.
Feature List

Select a feature list from the menu.


Feature lists define which cPanel features are available to cPanel users. To edit or create a feature list, use WHM's Feature Manager  interface (Home >> Packages >> Feature Manager).

LocaleSelect a locale from the menu.




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