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For cPanel & WHM version 64

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web hosting software development company, based in Houston, Texas.

cPanel offers web hosting software that automates the intricate workings of web hosting servers.

cPanel equips server administrators with the necessary tools to provide top-notch hosting to customers on tens of thousands of servers worldwide.

cPanel provides an accessible interface to help manage sites; WHM automates server management tasks for system administrators.

For more information about cPanel, visit the About cPanel webpage.

How do I request technical support?

If you require technical support, submit a support ticket.

Where can I make suggestions for new features in cPanel products?

You are welcome to submit a feature request at our Feature Request forum

You must sign up for an account before you can submit your request.

Does cPanel offer a refund after purchase?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund within five days of purchase.

Requests for refunds after five days will be honored at the discretion of our customer service manager.

What operating systems are compatible with cPanel?

For a list of cPanel-compatible operating systems, read our Installation Guide.

Operating systems that are not listed on the page are not officially supported, and many cause issues if you try to use them with cPanel & WHM.

Can I run cPanel on the Mac® platform?

At this time, we do not have a version of cPanel & WHM that runs on an OS X server. However, you can access the cPanel interface with Safari®, Firefox, or another compatible browser from a Mac computer.

When I search the Internet, I am redirected to cPanel. Why?

If you were brought to this site inadvertently by a search engine, your computer may be infected with a Trojan that affects Windows® machines. This Trojan redirects users to a server which was removed and replaced with a blank cPanel server.

For more information about this trojan and methods of removal, visit one of the following sites:

Check these sites before you call our offices. Our staff cannot provide any more information than the above links provide.

How do I log in to my cPanel interface?

To log in to your cPanel interface, enter one of the following URLs in your address bar:


Or, for SSL (more security):


If your site does not yet resolve, you can use its IP address instead. This example assumes that your IP address is


Can I have two domains and two different web hosts on the same cPanel account?

No, because the accounts are on different web servers.

You can have multiple domains on one cPanel account if you use addon domains or aliases.

Is there any phone contact, other than support, available?

Yes, visit our Contact page for our main phone number, available hours, and holiday schedule.

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