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For cPanel & WHM version 64

How can I get my login information for my cPanel interface?

To obtain your username and password, contact your web hosting provider. Your web hosting provider is the company to which you pay a monthly or yearly fee for your site.

I have received this message: "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded." What can I do?

If you see this message on your website, contact your web hosting provider to increase the amount of monthly bandwidth transfer that the system allows you.

For more information, read our Bandwidth documentation.

What does it mean when I receive this message: "Write failed: disk quota exceeded?"

This message indicates that your account has used its maximum amount of disk space. You cannot save anything because you have no remaining disk space. Contact your web hosting provider if you need more disk space.

You can also use cPanel's Disk Usage interface (Home >> Files >> Disk Usage) to locate files that you can remove.

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