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For cPanel & WHM version 66

(Home >> Packages >> Feature Manager)


This interface allows you to edit feature lists, which you can assign to packages that you apply to cPanel accounts. Feature lists provide or prevent access to specific cPanel features.

Predefined feature lists

cPanel & WHM includes the default, disabled, and Mail Only feature lists by default.

  • If you are a reseller who only owns a mail server, use the Mail Only feature list. 
  • If you disable a feature in the default feature list, the system disables the feature by default for all of the users on your server. To override this configuration, create a new list and assign it to your users.

If you disable a feature in the disabled feature list, the system disables the feature for all of the users on your server. You cannot override this feature list with a new list.


  • To enable a feature in the default feature list, select the feature's checkbox. 
  • To disable a feature in the disabled feature list, select the feature's checkbox.

Create and edit a feature list

To create a new feature list or edit an existing feature list, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose one of the following options:

    • To create a new feature list, enter the desired feature list name in the Add a new feature list text box and click Add Feature List.


      Choose an easy-to-remember name so that you can properly assign it.
    • To edit an existing feature list, select the desired feature list from the Manage feature list menu and click Edit.
  2. Select checkboxes to enable features, or deselect checkboxes to disable features. 


    To disable a feature in the disabled feature list, select the feature's checkbox.

  3. Click Save.

Delete a feature list

To remove an existing feature list, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Manage a feature list menu, select the feature list to remove.
  2. Click Delete.

Selectable features


  • This table lists the cPanel interfaces for the default cPanel theme (Paper Lantern). If you use the another theme for the cPanel interface, these interfaces and locations may vary slightly.
  • Some cPanel features may require that you enable additional settings in order for them to function. Read each feature's documentation for additional information.
  • Various settings and customizations can add or remove features from this interface. You may see additional features that display a Legacy label if they correspond to a deprecated theme, or a Plugin label, if they correspond to a specific plugin. The following list is not canonical for every server.

On most cPanel & WHM servers, you can select the following features:

FeatureAssociated cPanel interface or feature
Addon Domains Feature Manager interface (Home >> Domains >> Addon Domains)
Address Importer Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Address Importer)
Advanced Zone Editor Advanced Zone Editor interface (Home >> Domains >> Advanced Zone Editor)
Agora Shopping CartEnables Agora Shopping Cart.
Aliases Feature Manager  interface ( Home >> Domains >> Aliases )
Analog Stats Feature Manager interface (Home >> Metrics >> Analog Stats)
Apache Handlers Feature Manager interface (Home >> Advanced >> Apache Handlers)
Apache SpamAssassin™ Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Apache SpamAssassin)
Apache SpamAssassin Spam BoxEnables Apache's SpamAssassin's Spam Box feature.
API Shell (for developers) API Shell interface (Home >> Advanced >> API Shell)
Application Manager Feature Manager interface (Home >> Software >> Application Manager).

Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Autoresponders)

AutoSSLEnables AutoSSL functionality.
Awstats Feature Manager interface (Home >> Metrics >> Awstats)
Backup Manager Backup interface (Home >> Files >> Backup)
Bandwidth Stats Bandwidth interface (Home >> Metrics >> Bandwidth)
BoxTrapper Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> BoxTrapper)
Calendars and Contacts

Calendars and Contacts interface ( Home >> Email >> Calendars and Contacts )


You must also enable the following options for this feature to function:

  • The cPanel DAV Daemon option in WHM's Service Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager).
  • The Enable Horde Webmail option in the Email tab in WHM's Tweak Settings interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings).

Change Language Feature Manager interface (Home >> Preferences >> Change Language)
Change Style Feature Manager interface (Home >> Preferences >> Change Style)
Configure Greylisting Feature Manager interface ( Home >> Email >> Configure Greylisting )
Contact Information Feature Manager interface (Home >> Preferences >> Contact Information)
cPanel SpotlightThe cPanel interface's feature spotlight. For more information, read our Feature Manager documentation.
cPanel MarketEnables cPanel Market functionality.
CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage

Server Load statistic in cPanel's Server Information interface.


This feature only exists on servers that run CloudLinux™.

Cron Jobs Feature Manager interface (Home >> Advanced >> Cron Jobs)
Default Address Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Default Address)
Directory Selection PopupDirectory Selection window when the user opens the Feature Manager interface (Home >> Files >> File Manager).
Disk Usage Viewer Feature Manager interface (Home >> Files >> Disk Usage)
Email Accounts Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Email Accounts)
Email Archiving Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Archive)
Email Authentication

Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Authentication)

Email Delivery RouteThis feature is deprecated.
Email Disk Usage Feature Manager  interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Disk Usage)
Email Domain ForwardingForward All Email for a Domain setting in the Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Forwarders)
Email Filtering Manager

Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Email Filters)

Email Trace

Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Track Delivery)

Error Log Feature Manager interface (Home >> Metrics >> Errors)
Error Pages Feature Manager interface ( Home >> Advanced >> Error Pages )
File Manager Feature Manager interface (Home >> Files >> File Manager)
Forwarder Manager Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Forwarders)
FTP Account Manager Feature Manager interface (Home >> Files >> FTP Accounts)
FTP SettingsAllows the user to manage FTP settings.
Hotlink Protection Feature Manager interface (Home >> Security >> Hotlink Protection)

Feature Manager interface (Home >> Files >> Images)

Index Manager Feature Manager interface (Home >> Advanced >> Indexes)
IP Blocker

Feature Manager interface (Home >> Security >> IP Blocker)

Latest Visitors Feature Manager interface (Home >> Metrics >> Visitors)
Leech Protect (requires Webprotect) Feature Manager interface (Home >> Security >> Leech Protection)
Manage DNSSECDNSSEC settings in the Feature Manager interface (Home >> Domains >> Zone Editor)
Mailing Lists

Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Mailing Lists)

Metrics Editor Feature Manager  interface ( Home >> Metrics >> Metrics Editor )
MIME Types Feature Manager interface (Home >> Advanced >> MIME Types)
ModSecurity™ Domain Manager Feature Manager interface (Home >> Security >> ModSecurity)
MultiPHP INI Editor

  MultiPHP INI Editor  interface (Home >> Software >> MultiPHP INI Manager)


This interface is only available on servers that run EasyApache 4. 

MultiPHP Manager

MultiPHP Manager interface (Home >> Software >> MultiPHP Manager)


This interface is only available on servers that run EasyApache 4. 

MX Entry Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Email Routing)
MySQLEnables MySQL®.
Optimize Website Feature Manager interface (Home >> Software >> Optimize Website)
Password & Security Password & Security interface (Home >> Preferences >> Password & Security)
Perl Modules Feature Manager interface (Home >> Software >> Perl Modules)
PGP/GPGEnables PGP and GPG encryption.
PHP PEAR Packages Feature Manager interface (Home >> Software >> PHP PEAR Packages)
PhpMyAdminEnables phpMyAdmin.
PhpPgAdminEnables phpPgAdmin.
PostgreSQLEnables PostgreSQL®.
Raw Access Logs Feature Manager interface (Home >> Metrics >> Raw Access)
Redirects Feature Manager interface (Home >> Domains >> Redirects)
RubyGems Feature Manager interface (Home >> Software >> RubyGems)
Ruby on Rails Enables Ruby on Rails®.
See PHP Configuration Feature Manager interface (Home >> Software >> PHP)
Server Status Viewer Service Information information in cPanel's Server Information interface.
Simple Zone Editor Feature Manager interface (Home >> Domains >> Simple Zone Editor)
Site Publisher Feature Manager interface (Home >> Domains >> Site Publisher)
Site Software Feature Manager interface (Home >> Software >> Site Software)
SSH Access Feature Manager interface (Home >> Security >> SSH Access)
SSL Host Installer Enables SSL certificate installation.
SSL/TLS SSL/TLS interface (Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS)
SSL/TLS Wizard SSL/TLS Wizard interface (Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS Wizard)
Subdomains Feature Manager interface (Home >> Domains >> Subdomains)
Subdomain StatsEnables statistics for subdomains.
Theme SwitchingTheme menu in the General Information section of cPanel's Home interface.
Track DNS Feature Manager interface ( Home >> Advanced >> Track DNS )
Two-Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) Two-Factor Authentication interface (Home >> Security >> Two-Factor Authentication)
Update Notification PreferencesEnables notification preference options in the Feature Manager interface (Home >> Preferences >> Contact Information).
Virus ScannerEnables ClamAV virus scans.
Web Disk Feature Manager interface (Home >> Files >> Web Disk)
Webalizer Feature Manager interface (Home >> Metrics >> Webalizer)
WebmailWebmail feature in the Feature Manager interface (Home >> Email >> Email Accounts)

WebProtect application.

WordPress (cPanel)cPanel-provided WordPress® installer.
WordPress Manager (cPanel Plugin) Feature Manager interface (Home >> Applications >> WordPress Manager)

Additional documentation