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  • The Quota File Systems Configuration File
For cPanel & WHM version 80.

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We enable quotas by default on new installations of cPanel & WHM.

The /var/cpanel/noquotafs file allows you to specify file system types that you wish to exclude from cPanel & WHM's quota system. This is useful if, for example, your setup does not allow certain file system types to use quotas, or you do not wish to use quotas on specific file systems.

Each line of the /var/cpanel/noquotafs file specifies an excluded file system type. 

Edit the /var/cpanel/noquotafs file

Use a text editor to edit the /var/cpanel/noquotafs file.


  • List each file system type on a separate line.
  • This file is not case-sensitive.


To exclude the NFS and ext3 file system types from the quota system, the /var/cpanel/noquotafs file would resemble the following example:


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