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Enable DKIM SPF Globally - Version 82 Documentation - cPanel Documentation
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For cPanel & WHM version 82.

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(WHM >> Home >> DNS Functions >> Enable DKIM/SPF Globally)


The system automatically provisions DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records for all new accounts. However, it does not automatically provision these DNS records for existing accounts on the server.

This feature creates DKIM and SPF records for all accounts on the server.


  • If a domain currently possesses an SPF record, the system will append the appropriate IP address from the  /var/cpanel/mainip  file to the existing record.
  • The system will not modify existing DKIM records.

Enable DKIM and SPF records

To enable DKIM and SPF records for all accounts on the server, click Proceed.

The server will provision DKIM and SPF records for all accounts on the server as a background task.


Do not edit any nameserver configuration files during this process.

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