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For cPanel & WHM version 84
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(cPanel >> Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS)


This document describes the Certificate Signing Requests interface in cPanel's SSL/TLS interface (cPanel >> Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS). To access this interface, click Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.

This feature allows you to generate, view, or delete a certificate signing request (CSR). You can also view and edit current descriptions and encoded private keys and decoded private keys.

Certificate Signing Requests on Server

The Certificate Signing Requests on Server table contains the following information:

DomainsThe CSR's domain.
CreatedThe time that you created the CSR, in Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC).
DescriptionThe CSR's description.
  • Edit — Edit the CSR.
  • Delete — Delete the CSR.

Generate a new CSR


You must have or generate a key before you generate a signing request.

To generate a CSR, perform the following steps:

  1. Under the Generate a New Certificate Signing Request (CSR) heading, select the key from the Key* menu.
    • When you select a key, the  Edit  option appears. Click Edit to view and edit the information for your private key.
    • If the desired key does not appear in the menu, select the Generate a new 2,048 bit key option to generate a new key. 
      • You can also add a new private key to the Private Keys section of the SSL/TLS interface ( cPanel >> Home  >> Security >> SSL/TLS).
  2. Enter the required information in the text boxes below the Key menu.

  3. Click Generate


     Your hosting provider may require additional information.

Delete a CSR

To delete a CSR, perform the following steps: 

  1. Locate the CSR that you wish to delete in the Certificate Signing Requests on Server table.
  2. Click Delete in the Actions column. A new interface will appear.
  3. Click Delete CSR to confirm. A message of success or failure will appear. 
    • If you do not wish to delete the CSR, click  Cancel.

Edit and view details about a CSR

To edit a description or view a CSR, perform the following steps: 

  1. Locate the CSR that you wish to edit the Certificate Signing Requests on Server table.
  2. Click Edit in the Actions column. A new interface will appear that displays the description, the encoded CSR, and the decoded CSR.
  3. Enter any desired changes in the Description text box.
  4. Click Update Name. A message of success or failure will appear next to the Description text box.