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After a system update, cPanel & WHM runs the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services script to check all processes to determine whether they require a restart.

In cPanel & WHM version 70, we added support for a file that allows system administrators to declare processes to exclude from the check.


cPanel & WHM only applies this exclusion list to the /usr/local/cpanel/scriptsfind_outdated_services script. It does not apply the exclusion list to the chkservd or restartsrv services.

The /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services file

To exclude a process from the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services script, log in to your server's command line as the root user and add that process to the /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services file.

The file uses the following format:

  • Enter only one process per line.
  • Use Unix line endings to separate the entries.
  • The system skips blank lines.
  • Use the pound character (#) at the beginning of a line to mark it as a comment.

The service name must match its name as it appears in the process table. Use the ps command with the necessary flags to list processes (for example, ps -aux).


To create the file and then block the cloud-init and cloud-final services from restart checks, you would run commands similar to the following example:

mkdir -p /etc/cpanel/local
echo -e "# Prevent cPanel from checking the cloud-init and cloud-final services\ncloud-init\ncloud-final" >> /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services

In this example, the /etc/cpanel/local/ignore_outdated_services file will contain the following information:

# Prevent cPanel from checking about the cloud-init service

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