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In cPanel & WHM version 76, we introduced WHM's Server Profile interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Server Profile). Server profiles optimize servers to perform specific tasks or functions. These servers can host accounts that do not need certain applications. Each profile enables and disables a set of roles. Each role allows or disallows certain services related to the server's task. For example, a server that runs a Mail Node profile only enables services essential to mail. The profile disables all other services, such as Web Disk and FTP.

For more information about this feature, read our How to Use Server Profiles documentation.


This project has several phases. Each phase will deliver more server profile improvements, functions, and controls. You can read about each phase in the following table:

1Introduce server profiles.
  • We introduced the Standard Node, Mail Node, Database Node, and DNS Node server profiles. These profiles let you optimize a server for a specific task or function.
  • Each profile enables and disables a set of roles. Each role allows or disallows specific services that relate to the server's task.


2Improve email deliverability.
  • Improve how a server will deliver, receive, and process email.
  • We added WHM's Email Deliverability interface (WHM >> Home >> Email >> Email Deliverability). This helps you to identify and fix any problems that may exist with with your server's DKIM, SPF, and PTR records.


3Manage API Tokens in cPanel
  • We introduced cPanel API tokens. Users can issue these API tokens in cPanel's Manage API Tokens interface (cPanel >> Home >> Security >> Manage API Token). This feature lets users create, list, update, and revoke API tokens.


4Link a new Standard Node to a new Mail Node server.
  • Allow a new Standard Node server to connect to a new Mail Node server.
  • Assign the mail tasks for a cPanel account to a different server.



Combined backup of attached nodes.

Support for transfers to and from a server with attached nodes.

  • Provide a single interface that will allow you to back up all server nodes.
  • Preserve a node setting when you transfer an account from one server to another.


6Link an existing Standard Node server to a new Mail Node server.

Provide the ability to connect an existing server to a new mail server.


7Future plans.

To be determined.


Community involvement

We welcome the community's involvement in this project. You can share your ideas or offer feedback at our following Feature Request sites:

  • Database Node — The Feature Request website for the Database Node profile. This profile lets you configure a server to handle database services such as MySQL® or MariaDB®.
  • DNS Node — The Feature Request website for the DNS Node profile. This profile lets you configure a server to handle Domain Name System (DNS) services.
  • Mail Node — The Feature Request website for the Mail Node profile. This profile lets you configure a server to handle mail services.

Additional Documentation