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Guide to cPanel API 1

Return Data

cPanel Tags 


Bandwidth:: displaybwheader

Bandwidth:: displaybw

Bandwidth:: displayday

Bandwidth:: displaymainbwheader


BoxTrapper:: changestatus

BoxTrapper:: cleancfgfilelist

BoxTrapper:: editmsg

BoxTrapper:: fetchcfgfile

BoxTrapper:: getboxconfdir

BoxTrapper:: listmsgs

BoxTrapper:: logcontrols

BoxTrapper:: messageaction

BoxTrapper:: multimessageaction

BoxTrapper:: resetmsg

BoxTrapper:: savecfgfile

BoxTrapper:: saveconf

BoxTrapper:: showautowhitelist  

BoxTrapper:: showemails

BoxTrapper:: showfromname

BoxTrapper:: showlog

BoxTrapper:: showmessage  

BoxTrapper:: showqueue

BoxTrapper:: showqueuesearch

BoxTrapper:: showqueuetime

BoxTrapper:: status  

BoxTrapper:: statusbutton  


Branding:: file

Branding:: image

Branding:: killimg

Branding:: setbrandingpkg

Branding:: setmyacctspkg

Branding:: setupdirs

Branding:: tempsetbrandingpkg


Chkservd:: geteximport

Chkservd:: geteximport_ssl


ClamScanner:: bars


cPAddons:: mainpg


CustInfo:: getemail


DenyIp:: adddenyip

DenyIp:: deldenyip

DenyIp::   listdenyips


DiskUsage:: showmanager


Email:: addautoresponder

Email:: adddforward

Email:: addfilter

Email:: addlist

Email:: addmx

Email:: addpop

Email:: addspam

Email:: addspambox

Email:: addspamfilter

Email:: changemx

Email:: checkfastmail

Email:: checkpipefwd

Email:: clearspambox

Email:: delautoresponder

Email:: deldforward

Email:: delfilter

Email:: dellist

Email:: delmx

Email:: delpop

Email:: delspam

Email:: delspambox

Email:: disable_spam_autodelete

Email:: editquota

Email:: enable_spam_autodelete

Email:: getaging

Email:: getarsbody

Email:: getarscharset

Email:: getarsfrom

Email:: getarshtml

Email:: getarsinterval

Email:: getarsstart

Email:: getarsstop

Email:: getarssubject

Email:: getmailserver

Email:: getmailserveruser

Email:: getpopquota

Email:: has_spam_as_acl

Email:: has_spam_autodelete

Email:: listmaildomains

Email:: listmaildomainsopt

Email:: listmaildomainsoptndef

Email:: mainacctdiskused

Email:: passwdlist

Email:: passwdpop

Email:: setmxaccept

Email:: spamboxstatus

Email:: spamstatus

Email:: tracefilter


Fileman:: changeperm

Fileman:: delfile

Fileman:: dofileop

Fileman:: emptytrash

Fileman:: extractfile

Fileman:: fileimg

Fileman:: fmmkdir

Fileman:: fmmkfile

Fileman:: fmpushfile

Fileman:: fmrename

Fileman:: fmsavefile

Fileman:: fmsavehtmlfile

Fileman:: fullbackup

Fileman:: getfile

Fileman:: htmleditor

Fileman:: killdir

Fileman:: listfiles

Fileman:: listfullbackups

Fileman:: listtemplates

Fileman:: restoreaf

Fileman:: restoredb

Fileman:: restorefile

Fileman:: restorefiles

Fileman:: savehtmlfile

Fileman:: showperm

Fileman:: uploadfiles

Fileman:: viewfile


FrontPage:: addfp

FrontPage:: delfp

FrontPage:: fpstatus


Htaccess:: checkprotected

Htaccess:: del_user

Htaccess:: getindex

Htaccess:: htdirls

Htaccess:: number_of_users

Htaccess:: phpselectable

Htaccess:: resname

Htaccess:: set_pass

Htaccess:: set_protect

Htaccess:: setindex

Htaccess:: setphpreference

Htaccess:: showusers


ImageManager:: convert

ImageManager:: dimensions

ImageManager:: hdimension

ImageManager:: scale

ImageManager:: thumbnail

ImageManager:: wdimension


LastLogin:: lastlogin


LeechProtect:: disable

LeechProtect:: enable

LeechProtect:: setup

LeechProtect:: showpasswdfile

LeechProtect:: status


LogManager:: listdownloads

LogManager:: savesettings

LogManager:: showsettings


MagicRevision:: uri


Mime:: add_handler

Mime:: add_hotlink

Mime:: add_mime

Mime:: add_redirect

Mime:: del_handler

Mime:: del_hotlink

Mime:: del_mime

Mime:: del_redirect

Mime:: linkallownull

Mime:: linkenable

Mime:: linkexts

Mime:: linkrurl

Mime:: linkurls


Mysql:: adddb

Mysql:: addhost

Mysql:: adduser

Mysql:: adduserdb

Mysql:: checkdb

Mysql:: deldb

Mysql:: delhost

Mysql:: deluser

Mysql:: deluserdb

Mysql:: gethost

Mysql:: initcache

Mysql:: listdbs

Mysql:: listdbsopt

Mysql:: listusers

Mysql:: listusersopt

Mysql:: number_of_dbs

Mysql:: number_of_users

Mysql:: repairdb

Mysql:: routines

Mysql:: updateprivs


NVData:: set


OptimizeWS:: loadoptimizesettings

OptimizeWS:: loadoptimizesettings (bytes)

OptimizeWS:: optimizews


Postgres:: adddb

Postgres:: adduser

Postgres:: adduserdb

Postgres:: deldb

Postgres:: deluser

Postgres:: deluserdb

Postgres:: initcache

Postgres:: listdbsopt

Postgres:: listusersopt

Postgres:: number_of_dbs

Postgres:: number_of_users


ProxyUtils:: proxyaddress


Resellers:: accountlistopt

Resellers:: themelistopt


Serverinfo:: servicestatus


SetLang:: listlangsopt

SetLang:: setlang


SpamAssassin:: config

SpamAssassin:: saveconfig


SSH:: getport


SSL:: delete

SSL:: deletecrt

SSL:: deletecsr

SSL:: deletekey

SSL:: gencrt

SSL:: gencsr

SSL:: genkey

SSL:: getcabundle

SSL:: getcnname

SSL:: install

SSL:: installedhost

SSL:: listkeysopt

SSL:: showcrt

SSL:: showcsr

SSL:: showkey

SSL:: sslsharedstatus

SSL:: uploadcrt

SSL:: uploadkey


StatManager:: doForm

StatManager:: updateUserConfig


Stats:: analoglist

Stats:: awstats

Stats:: bwbar

Stats:: errlog

Stats:: lastvisitors

Stats:: showbandwidth

Stats:: webalizer

Stats:: webalizerftp


SubDomain:: addsubdomain

SubDomain:: cplistsubdomains

SubDomain:: disablesubrd

SubDomain:: listsubdomainsop

SubDomain:: setsuburl

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