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Guide to cPanel API 2

Return Data

Filter and Sort Output

Paginate Output

Output Columns

Calls from the WHM API

cPanel Tags


AddonDomain:: addaddondomain

AddonDomain:: deladdondomain

AddonDomain:: listaddondomains


Backups:: listfullbackups


Bandwidth:: addhttpbandwidth

Bandwidth:: getbwdata

Bandwidth:: gethourlyaveragebwoveryear


BoxTrapper:: accountmanagelist


Branding:: addbrandingobj

Branding:: applist

Branding:: brandingeditor

Branding:: createpkg

Branding:: cssmerge

Branding:: delbrandingobj

Branding:: delpkg

Branding:: gensprites

Branding:: getbrandingpkg

Branding:: getbrandingpkgstatus

Branding:: getdefaultbrandingpkg

Branding:: installbrandingpkgs

Branding:: installimages

Branding:: killimgs

Branding:: listimgtypes

Branding:: listobjecttypes

Branding:: preloadconf

Branding:: resetall

Branding:: resetcss

Branding:: resethtml

Branding:: resolve_file

Branding:: resolvelocalcss

Branding:: savelocalcss

Branding:: setbrandingpkgstatus

Branding:: showpkgs

Branding:: spritelist


CSVImport:: columnchoices

CSVImport:: configimport

CSVImport:: data

CSVImport:: fetchimportdata

CSVImport:: isenabled

CSVImport:: loaddata

CSVImport:: processdata

CSVImport:: sendcontact

CSVImport:: uploadimport


Contactus:: isenabled

Contactus:: sendcontact


Cron:: add_line

Cron:: edit_line

Cron:: fetchcron

Cron:: get_email

Cron:: listcron

Cron:: remove_line

Cron:: set_email


CustInfo:: contactemails

CustInfo:: contactprefs

CustInfo:: displaycontactinfo

CustInfo:: savecontactinfo


DBmap:: status

DBmap:: version


DKIMUI:: available

DKIMUI:: getrecords

DKIMUI:: install

DKIMUI:: installed

DKIMUI:: uninstall


DenyIp:: listdenyips


DiskCounter:: disk_counter


DiskUsage:: buildcache

DiskUsage:: clearcache

DiskUsage:: fetch_raw_disk_usage

DiskUsage:: fetchdiskusage

DiskUsage:: fetchdiskusagewithextras


DnsLookup:: name2ip


DomainLookup:: countbaseddomains

DomainLookup:: getbasedomains

DomainLookup:: getdocroot

DomainLookup:: getdocroots

DomainLookup:: getmaindomain


EmailTrack:: search

EmailTrack:: stats

EmailTrack:: trace


Encoding:: get_encodings

Encoding:: guess_file

Encoding:: guess_file_opts


FSTest:: dirisempty


Fileman:: autocompletedir

Fileman:: fileop

Fileman:: getabsdir

Fileman:: getdir

Fileman:: getdiractions

Fileman:: getdiskinfo

Fileman:: getedittype

Fileman:: getfileactions

Fileman:: getpath

Fileman:: listfiles

Fileman:: mkdir

Fileman:: mkfile

Fileman:: savefile

Fileman:: search

Fileman:: statfiles

Fileman:: uploadfiles

Fileman:: viewfile


Frontpage:: fpenabled

Frontpage:: list


Ftp:: addftp

Ftp:: delftp

Ftp:: listftp

Ftp:: listftpsessions

Ftp:: listftpwithdisk

Ftp:: passwd

Ftp:: setquota


Htaccess:: listuser

Htaccess:: listusers


HttpUtils:: getdirindices


ImageManager:: thumbnail


LVEInfo:: getUsage


LangMods:: getarchname

LangMods:: getkey

LangMods:: getprefix

LangMods:: install

LangMods:: langlist

LangMods:: list_available

LangMods:: list_installed

LangMods:: magic_status

LangMods:: pre_run

LangMods:: search

LangMods:: setup

LangMods:: uninstall

LangMods:: update


LeechProtect:: setup


Logaholic:: adduser

Logaholic:: adduserprofile

Logaholic:: deleteuser

Logaholic:: deleteuserprofile

Logaholic:: edituser

Logaholic:: fetchuser

Logaholic:: listuserprofiles

Logaholic:: logaholiclink

Logaholic:: processstats


MysqlFE:: authorizehost

MysqlFE:: changedbuserpassword

MysqlFE:: createdb

MysqlFE:: createdbuser

MysqlFE:: dbuserexists

MysqlFE:: deauthorizehost

MysqlFE:: deletedb

MysqlFE:: deletedbuser

MysqlFE:: getalldbsinfo

MysqlFE:: getalldbusersanddbs

MysqlFE:: getdbuserprivileges

MysqlFE:: getdbusers

MysqlFE:: gethosts

MysqlFE:: getmysqlprivileges

MysqlFE:: getmysqlserverprivileges

MysqlFE:: has_mycnf_for_cpuser

MysqlFE:: listdbs

MysqlFE:: listdbsbackup

MysqlFE:: listhosts

MysqlFE:: listusers

MysqlFE:: listusersindb

MysqlFE:: revokedbuserprivileges

MysqlFE:: setdbuserprivileges

MysqlFE:: userdbprivs


MysqlOptimizer:: fetch_slow_queries


NVData:: get

NVData:: set

NVData:: setall


Net:: dnszone

Net:: traceroute


PHPINI:: getalloptions

PHPINI:: getoptions


PasswdStrength:: appstrengths

PasswdStrength:: get_password_strength

PasswdStrength:: get_required_strength


Postgres:: listdbs

Postgres:: listusers

Postgres:: listusersindb

Postgres:: userexists


Resellers:: get_sub_accounts


SetLang:: setlocale


SourceIPCheck:: addip

SourceIPCheck:: delip

SourceIPCheck:: getaccount

SourceIPCheck:: listips

SourceIPCheck:: loadsecquestions

SourceIPCheck:: resetsecquestions

SourceIPCheck:: samplequestions

SourceIPCheck:: savesecquestions


SSH:: authkey

SSH:: converttoppk

SSH:: delkey

SSH:: fetchkey

SSH:: genkey

SSH:: genkey_legacy

SSH:: importkey

SSH:: listkeys


SSL:: fetchcabundle

SSL:: fetchinfo

SSL:: gencrt

SSL:: gencsr

SSL:: genkey

SSL:: getcnname

SSL:: installssl

SSL:: listcrts

SSL:: listcsrs

SSL:: listkeys

SSL:: listsslitems

SSL:: uploadcrt

SSL:: uploadkey


SSLInfo:: fetchinfo


StatCache:: clearcache


StatsBar:: getrowcounter

StatsBar:: rowcounter

StatsBar:: setrowcounter

StatsBar:: stat


SubDomain:: addsubdomain

SubDomain:: changedocroot

SubDomain:: delsubdomain

SubDomain:: getreservedsubdomains

SubDomain:: listsubdomains

SubDomain:: validregex


UserHttpUtils:: getdirindices


WebDisk:: addwebdisk

WebDisk:: delwebdisk

WebDisk:: hasdigest

WebDisk:: listwebdisks

WebDisk:: passwdwebdisk

WebDisk:: set_digest_auth

WebDisk:: set_homedir

WebDisk:: set_perms

WebDisk:: setstatus


WebmailApps:: listwebmailapps


ZoneEdit:: add_zone_record

ZoneEdit:: edit_zone_record

ZoneEdit:: fetch_cpanel_generated_domains

ZoneEdit:: fetchzone

ZoneEdit:: fetchzone_records

ZoneEdit:: fetchzones

ZoneEdit:: get_zone_record

ZoneEdit:: remove_zone_record

ZoneEdit:: resetzone

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