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  • [security] TSR-2019-0003




  • Fixed case CPANEL-25603: Ensure keys with null values are correctly handled when rebuilding /etc/my.cnf.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-25852: Fix upgrades to MariaDB 10.3 when deprecated keys are present in the /etc/my.cnf file.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-26207: Resolver to handle 2nd level domains on the public suffix list.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-26211: No longer set the account IP to when restoring with the --skipaccount flag.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-26694: Fix OOM error on file uploads smaller than 5GB in BackBlaze B2 transport.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-26695: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.3.7-2.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-26864: Make the EA3 check in the upgrade blocker more robust.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-26250: Update dovecot to 2.3.5-4.cp1178. Fixes CVE-2019-10691.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-27045: Fix dovecot for CVE-2019-10691.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-27105: Update dovecot to 2.3.5-6.cp1178. Fixes CVE-2019-11494, CVE-2019-11499.




  • Fixed case CPANEL-25310: Fix uninitialized variable warning in Backblaze transport.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-26688: Fix bug in backup transporter testing script caused by bad require.