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In cPanel & WHM version 56 and later, EasyApache 4 supports all of cPanel & WHM's supported operating systems.


You must activate the RPMUP setting if you install EasyApache 4 on your system. The system enables this setting by default. To do this, perform one of the following steps:


To migrate your server from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4).
  2. Click Migrate. A confirmation message will appear.
  3. To confirm that you wish to migrate, click Yes, run EasyApache 4 Migration. The system will start the EasyApache 4 migration and display the progress log. For more information about the migration process, read our The EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Migration Process documentation.
  4. Click Done. You can also download the progress log for your records.