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For cPanel & WHM version 76

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(WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Server Profile)


The Server Profile interface allows you to select a server's profile, based on the service that you want the server to provide. This allows you to manage specific services to reduce the resource load of a server. You can also configure optional roles for certain profiles.


  • When you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 76, the system sets your default server profile to the Standard Node profile.
  • You cannot change your server profile selection if your server has at least one user account.
  • Some profile settings disable features in the cPanel interface and WHM interface.

The Server Profile interface

Use the Server Profile interface to select a profile that you want to configure for your server. A star () icon designates the server's current profile configuration. Click the information () icon next to the profile's description to display which roles that profile affects.


  • Certain profiles disable features available in the WHM and cPanel interfaces.
  • We do not recommend that you use experimental () profiles on production environments.

You can select from the following profile options:

ProfileDescriptionEnabled RolesDisabled RolesOptional Roles
Standard NodeThe default system profile. A server that provides every service and access to all cPanel features.AllNoneNone

Database Node

A server that provides only services and cPanel features that allow the system to serve databases.MySQL/MariaDBDNS, File Storage, FTP, Mail, Spam Filter, Web Disk, Web ServerPostgreSQL

DNS Node

A server that provides only services and cPanel features that allow the system to serve Domain Name System (DNS) zones.DNSFile Storage, FTP, PostgreSQL, Mail, Spam Filter, Web Disk, Web ServerMySQL/MariaDB

Mail Node

A server that provides only services and cPanel features that allow the system to serve mail.MailFile Storage, FTP, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Web Disk, Web ServerDNS, Spam Filter

Select a server profile, then click Continue. The Select Options interface will appear.

Select Options


  • This interface is only available for the Database Node, DNS Node, and Mail Node profiles.
  • If you select a profile with optional roles, you can return to this interface to enable or disable these optional roles at any time.

Set the toggle to enable or disable the optional roles you want for your server's profile, then click Continue. The Review Changes interface will appear.

Review Changes

The Review Changes interface displays the current profile selection's enabled, disabled, and unaffected roles.


If you select a profile currently installed on the system you cannot proceed. You must select a different profile from the Select Options step to proceed.

Review the changes, then click Set Profile to proceed with activation of the selected profile.

Activating Profile

The Activating Profile interface activates the selected profile. Click Show Details to display the activation log in real time, or use the system directory link provided in the interface to view the log.


The profile activation process does not terminate if you close the browser window.

The system notifies you when the profile activation completes. Click Go Back to return to the Select Profile interface.

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