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cPanel API 1 is deprecated. We strongly recommend that you use cPanel API 2 or UAPI instead. 

cPanel API 1 outputs data to the cPanel interface in multiple formats. The output format depends on the specific function that you call. For information about a function's output, see the documentation for that function.

Output formats

cPanel API 1 function calls return data in a variety of formats. For example:

  • HTML.

  • Plaintext or strings.
  • Integers.
  • Generated images.


  • Because some cPanel API 1 functions return HTML output, calls that you make through the WHM API will cause parsing errors in most XML parsers. We strongly recommend that you use cPanel API 2 instead.
    • Important:

      cPanel & WHM version 66 deprecated XML output for cPanel API 1, cPanel API 2, UAPI, WHM API 0, and WHM API 1.

      • Calls for XML API output will return a deprecation warning.
      • We plan to remove XML output entirely in a future version of cPanel & WHM.

      For more information, read our cPanel Deprecation Plan documentation.

    • This API's XML output does not comply with XML standards, is slower than JSON output to produce, and may result in validation errors. We strongly recommend that you use JSON.

  • Some cPanel API 1 functions return a portion of an HTML form. The output of these functions does not include all of the necessary form elements for a functional form.

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