The WHM interface provides the server's root user and resellers with access to all of WHM's server administration features.

The WHM interface consists of the following sections:

  1. Top navigation bar
  2. Side navigation menu
  3. Support menu
  4. Features

Top navigation bar

WHM's top navigation bar remains visible as you navigate throughout the WHM interface.

You may also see important server notices in this section of the interface. For example, if the most recent attempt to upgrade cPanel & WHM failed, you may see a The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked. warning, which you can click to review a list of upgrade blockers.

Side navigation menu

The side navigation menu in WHM provides quick access to all of WHM's interfaces, and allows you to quickly search for specific features.

Support menu

Click the lifesaver icon that floats on the right side of the interface () to view the Support menu. 


The WHM interface lists of all of your account's available features in sections for different types of functionality. For more information about WHM's features and interfaces, read our WHM Features List documentation.

Trial license banner

Servers that use a trial license display a banner above the WHM Home interface's icons. This banner displays the server's trial license status, and you can click Purchase a License to buy a full cPanel, Inc. license. For more information, read our How to Purchase a cPanel License documentation.

Additional documentation