(WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Quota Modification)


This interface allows you to change an account’s disk space quota. This quota specifies the maximum amount of disk space that an account can use on your server.

Set appropriate quotas for each account on your server. For example, users who wish to host video content need more disk space than a user who only hosts a blog.

  • Quotas do not limit changes to MySQL® or PostgreSQL® databases.
  • Quotas that include database space only affect cPanel-related functions.
  • Processes that the system runs, such as PHP scripts that create files, can create user-owned files until the number of files reaches the quota. This situation occurs because the kernel-enforced quota does not access cPanel settings.
  • The backup process for an account near or over its quota may fail because the system cannot write necessary files, such as a database lock file.

  • If a discrepancy exists between quotas and the results of the du -sh /home/username command, the user's UID may own other files on the system. To find the locations of the user's files, run the find / -user username -ls command, where username is the username.

Change quotas

To assign a new quota, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose one of the following options:The bandwidth information for the selected account or accounts will display. 
  2. Enter the new quota for each account in the appropriate text box, in Megabytes (MB), or select Unlimited to grant the user unlimited disk space.
  3. Click Save.

If all of your accounts’ quotas incorrectly display as 0, rebuild your system’s quota files. Click the click here link, or, if the interface does not display a link, use WHM’s Initial Quota Setup interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Initial Quota Setup).

Additional documentation

The Quota File Systems Configuration File — /var/cpanel/noquotafs