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This interface allows you to list cPanel-managed databases on your server, each database's engine, and which user owns each database. You can also use this interface to rename databases.

  • The maximum length of the database name is 64 characters. However, due to the method that cPanel & WHM uses to store MySQL database names, each underscore character requires two characters of that limit. Therefore, if you enable database prefixing, the maximum length of the database name is 63 characters, which includes both the database prefix and the underscore character. Each additional underscore requires another two characters of that limit.
  • It is potentially dangerous to rename a MySQL® database. We strongly recommend that you create a backup of a MySQL database that you wish to rename.
  • If you rename a database, the process terminates all active connections to the database.
  • You must manually update configuration files and applications to use the new database name.
  • Larger and more complex databases requires additional time to rename.


This interface provides a table that lists all of the databases on the server.

Click each column heading to sort the list by that column. Search for a particular database with the Search text box.

Rename a database

To rename a database, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the pencil icon in the row that corresponds to the database.
  2. In the Rename to text box, enter the new name for the database.

    If database prefixing is enabled, this parameter must include the database prefix for the account.

  3. Click Submit.

How cPanel & WHM renames a MySQL database

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