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Suspension and bandwidth limiting are two separate functions. For more information, read our Account Suspension Versus Bandwidth Limiting and Account Termination documentation.

This feature allows you to suspend and unsuspend accounts on your server. For example, you may wish to temporarily disable delinquent accounts.

For more information about the effects of account suspension, read our What Happens When You Suspend an Account article.


List of accounts

The system lists all of the accounts on your server. The interface displays active, unsuspended accounts in white, and displays suspended accounts in red. In the example below, the example1.com account is suspended:

The list of accounts in the Manage Account Suspension interface.

Suspend or unsuspend an account

To suspend or unsuspend an account, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the account that you wish to modify.
  2. If you wish to suspend the account, enter a reason in the text box.

    We recommend that you always specify a reason for account suspension. If a reseller owns the account, the reason may help that reseller to resolve the issue quickly. 

  3. Select the Prevent resellers from unsuspending checkbox to ensure that resellers cannot unsuspend the account.
  4. Click the appropriate button to suspend or unsuspend the account.


This interface has the following limitations:

Additional information

What Happens When You Suspend an Account