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The Domain Information section of the Create a New Account interface defines basic settings for a user’s account.

For steps to create a default page that the system will generate each time that you create a new domain, read our Skeleton Directory documentation.

Domain Information

To set up the domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the domain name for the new account in the Domain text box (for example, example.com).

    • You can create a user to represent a subdomain of a domains that you own. For example, if you own the domain example.com, you could assign the username.example.com subdomain to a new account for the username user.
    • You cannot create a separate account for the www. subdomain of a domain. The system automatically drops the www. from the user account name.

  2. Enter the username for the new account in the Username text box.
  3. Enter the main contact email address for the new account.
  4. Continue to the Package section.

New users need the username and password that you enter here in order to log in to their cPanel accounts.

When you create an addon domain, parked domain, subdomain, or main domain, the system will attempt to automatically secure that domain with the best-available existing certificate. If no certificate exists, the system will generate a self-signed certificate to secure the new domain. If AutoSSL is enabled for the account that owns the new domain, the system will add a request for an AutoSSL certificate to secure the new domain and install it when available.

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