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These features allow you to view your resellers’ disk space and bandwidth usage. You can also use this set of features to suspend, unsuspend, and terminate reseller accounts.

To view and manage a reseller, select that reseller from the Select a reseller menu and click SubmitIf only one reseller exists, the interface will automatically select that reseller.

In the examples below, user represents the reseller’s account name.

Manage reseller account status

You can perform the following actions to manage resellers from this interface:

Usage information

The table at the bottom of the interface displays the current month's usage statistics by default. To view other months' statistics, click Last Month Bandwidth Usage or Next Month Bandwidth Usage.

This table displays the following information for the selected reseller:

UserThe cPanel user account.
DomainThe account's main domain.
PlanThe account's package.
SuspendedWhether the account is currently suspended.
Disk Space Used in MegThe current amount of disk space usage, in Megabytes (MB).
Disk Space LimitThe maximum amount of disk space for the account, in Megabytes (MB).
Bandwidth in MegThe amount of bandwidth that the user has used this month, in Megabytes (MB).
Monthly Bandwidth Limit in MegThe maximum amount of bandwidth that the user may use per month, in Megabytes (MB).

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