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Upgrade Blockers

EasyApache 3 reaches End of Life (EOL)

If your system runs EasyApache 3, you must update to EasyApache 4 before you upgrade your server to cPanel & WHM version 78.  We will no longer update EasyApache 3. You cannot revert to EasyApache 3. For more information about how to upgrade to EasyApache 4, read our How to Install or Uninstall EasyApache 4 documentation.

LiteSpeed 5.3.6 required

If LiteSpeed exists on your server, you must upgrade to LiteSpeed version 5.3.6 or later before you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 78.

New features

cPanel Analytics

cPanel Analytics is an optional plugin that, if you explicitly enable it for both the server and account, collects data about how users use cPanel & WHM's interfaces. 

  • We strongly encourage you to enable cPanel Analytics. The data that this system collects allows us to target and improve the features that cPanel & WHM users use the most.
  • We now install the cpanel-analytics RPM by default. However, this installation does not enable cPanel Analytics or record any data. 
  • For steps to enable or disable cPanel Analytics, read our cPanel Analytics documentation.
Privacy and tracking

We only track activity on your server if users specifically enable cPanel Analytics:

Configure cPanel Analytics

WHM's new Configure cPanel Analytics interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Configure cPanel Analytics) allows you to enable or disable cPanel Analytics at the server level.

dynamicui.conf changes

To ensure that cPanel Analytics does not retrieve page titles that may contain personal or identifying data, we have added the key parameter to both cPanel's dynamicui.conf file and WHM's dynamicui.conf file. This parameter identifies interfaces and their associated assets.

New Backblaze B2 destination type in WHM's Backup Configuration interface

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added the Backblaze B2 destination type to WHM's Backup Configuration interface (WHM >> Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration >> Additional Destinations tab). This option allows users to save their backups to the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage destination.

Purchase LiteSpeed Web Server directly from WHM's interface

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added a banner to WHM's EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4) that allows the system administrator to purchase a LiteSpeed Web Server license. The system will attempt to install LiteSpeed Web Server automatically after the purchase. Hosting providers can disable the LiteSpeed Web Server banner for their licensed servers from Manage2's Update Company Information interface (Manage2 >> Company >> Update Company Information).

New tweak setting to delete users' Horde cache files

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added the Age, in days, of content to purge users' Horde cache files option to the Mail section of WHM's Tweak Settings interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings). This setting determines the minimum age, in days, of files that the system will automatically delete users' Horde cache files. 

This setting accepts a minimum value of 1, and defaults to Disabled.

KernelCare price displayed in Security Advisor and Graceful Server Reboot interfaces

In cPanel & WHM version 78, if your system supports KernelCare, you may receive an upgrade notification with a monthly KernelCare license price in the following WHM interfaces:

To purchase a KernelCare license, click Get KernelCare for $, where $ represents the monthly price for the KernelCare license.

For more information about how to purchase a KernelCare license, read our How to Purchase a KernelCare License documentation. For more information about KernelCare, visit CloudLinux's KernelCare site.

UTF-8-encoded email mailboxes

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added the UTF-8 Mailbox Names option to the Manage Default Email Account section in cPanel's Email Accounts interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts). This option enables or disables UTF-8 encoded mailbox names on Horde and Roundcube webmail for a user's email accounts. 

Users can select the UTF-8-encoded mailbox names in cPanel's Email Filters interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Filters).

New cPanel interface includes

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added support for three additional include files to the cPanel Home interface's Statistics Bar:

For information on how to use these new include files, read our Guide to cPanel Interface Customization - UI Includes documentation.

WHM's Email Deliverability interface

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added WHM's Email Deliverability interface (WHM >> Home >> Email >> Email Deliverability). This interface allows you to identify problems with DKIM, SPF, and PTR records. These records make other mail servers more likely to accept emails that your users send.

When you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 78, the system updates the /etc/exim.conf.localopts file if it does not possess the 0644 permissions.

SSL certificate issues alert

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added the cPanel Service SSL certificate warnings alert to WHM's Contact Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager). This alert notifies you if the /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallssl script detects issues with the cPanel & WHM services' SSL certificates when the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp script runs.

The notification template for this alert resides in the /usr/local/cpanel/etc/SSL/CheckAllCertsWarnings.*.tmpl file.

Updated features

Available MariaDB upgrade to version 10.3 

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added MariaDB® version 10.3 as an available version to WHM's MySQL or MariaDB Upgrade interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade). MariaDB version 10.3 includes the following new features:

For more information about these changes, read MariaDB's Version 10.3 Release Notes documentation.

Improved cPanel (powered by Sectigo®) AutoSSL certificate checks

We've reduced the polling intervals at which the system checks a cPanel (powered by Sectigo) certificate. The system now checks the status of a certificate as follows:

Age of certificate request

Polling frequency

Less than 30 minutes.Once every two minutes.
After 30 minutes.Once every ten minutes.
After one hour.Once every 30 minutes.
After four hours.Once every hour.
After one day.Once every 12 hours.

For more information, read our Manage AutoSSL documentation.

Improved Apache SpamAssassin performance

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we improved Apache SpamAssassin's performance. This improvement provides up to a 60% speed increase in message scanning and faster load times.

Email Accounts interface improvements

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we refactored cPanel's Email Accounts interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts) to improve its usability and appearance for standard and mobile displays.

The changes include the following improvements:

This refactor is part of our continued effort by cPanel LLC to improve and standardize interface appearance and usability.

Updated Git Version Control functionality

cPanel's Git Version Control interface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> Git Version Control) now retains your selection for the Clone a Repository toggle when you clone or create multiple repositories.

Improved Ethernet device detection

During installation, the system will now attempt to detect your Ethernet device. It skips this step if you preconfigure the /etc/wwwacct.conf file.

Cannot enter cpanel as an account name for email accounts

In cPanel & WHM version 78 and later, you can no longer enter cpanel as an account name when you create an email account. This does not affect any email addresses with the cpanel account name that currently exist. However, if you delete those addresses, you cannot re-create them.

Additionally, servers now report that an email address with the cpanel account name exists for each domain on the server.

Automated email archiving in Roundcube

In cPanel & WHM version 78, Webmail Roundcube users can now archive their emails directly through the Archive button. You can find the Archive button in four locations within the interface:

For more information, read the Which Webmail Application Should I Choose? document.

Configure system PHP INI directives for PHP-FPM from WHM's MultiPHP Manager interface

In cPanel & WHM version 78, system administrators can automatically configure some PHP INI settings directly from the WHM interface in WHM's MultiPHP Manager (WHM >> Home >> Software >> MultiPHP Manager) interface. The new System PHP-FPM Configuration tab in the MultiPHP Manager interface allows WHM users to set the system's PHP INI directives. System administrators can still update the directives manually through the command line. The System PHP-FPM Configuration tab also houses the PHP-FPM Pool Options configuration for the system.

For more information on the interface, read the MultiPHP Manager for WHM documentation. For more information on the PHP INI directives, read the Configuration Values of PHP-FPM and How to Manage Your php.ini Directives with PHP-FPM documentation.

PHP-FPM Pool Options settings moved to new tab in WHM's MultiPHP Manager interface

In cPanel & WHM version 78, WHM system administrators can access the system PHP-FPM Pool Options through the new System PHP-FPM Configuration tab in WHM's MultiPHP Manager (WHM >> Home >> Software >> MultiPHP Manager) interface. To access domain-specific pool options, click Edit PHP-FPM from the domain's row in the domains table. This action opens the new Domain PHP-FPM Configuration tab, where you can edit Pool Options for the domain, as well as the domain's PHP INI directives.

DNS-based DCV for hostname certificates

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we extend DNS-based Domain Control Validation (DCV) to the server's hostname certificate. The server automatically runs DNS-based DCV if HTTP-based DCV fails, which will help to prevent DCV failures for hostname certificates.

  • This only applies to servers that can update the authoritative DNS zone for their own hostname.
  • By default, cPanel, L.L.C. offers free, one-year, single-domain, cPanel-branded certificates to every licensed cPanel server.

cPanel API 2 SSH::genkey_legacy function redirects to SSH::genkey

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we redirected the output of the deprecated cPanel API 2 SSH::genkey_legacy function to the cPanel API 2 SSH::genkey function. The functions accept the same parameters. However, the legacy function includes HTML in its returns while the newer function strips HTML from its return. If you have not yet changed your scripts to use the newer function, we strongly recommend that you read the newer function's return information and adjust your scripts.

Update Dovecot from version 2.2 to 2.3

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we updated Dovecot® from version 2.2.36 to version 2.3.4.

Additional error messages for the check_users_my_cnf script

In cPanel & WHM version 78, the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/check_users_my_cnf script now displays error messages that it did not previously report. Additionally, we no longer delete invalid .my.cnf files. Instead, we rename and retain them. This allows users to view any settings from the previous invalid files that they may want to copy to the new file.

Download processes during installations

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we updated the maximum number of download processes from one to four during installations. This should result in faster server installation times.

cPanel's Email Deliverability interface

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added cPanel's Email Deliverability interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Deliverability). This interface allows cPanel users to manage their domain's DKIM, SPF, and PTR records. It also allows users to resolve any problems that may exist with these records. This new interface replaces and improves the functionality of the previous Authentication interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Authentication).

Certain records may require access rights to a domain's DNS records. If you do not possess access to a DNS record, the interface provides information about how to resolve the issue.

Server administrators can manage user access to this feature with the Email Deliverability (Authentication) option in WHM's Feature Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Packages >> Feature Manager).

Rename the Authentication interface to Email Deliverability

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we renamed the Authentication interface to Email Deliverability. This new name more clearly describes the purpose of this interface.

For more information, read our Email Deliverability documentation.


We updated the FastCGI daemon (FCGId) to work completely with the MultiPHP system. For more information, read our Apache Module: FCGId documentation.

MX records match hostname after account transfer

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we now migrate hostnames in mail exchange (MX) records during account transfers. The server updates any MX record whose mail exchanger uses the previous hostname (or the mail.PreviousHostname subdomain) to use the new hostname instead, where PreviousHostname represents the user's previous hostname.

New settings for smarthost route lists in WHM's Exim Configuration Manager

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we added the following settings in WHM's Exim Configuration Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Manager):

IPv6 HTTP Domain Control Validation (DCV)

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we altered HTTP DCV to prioritize IPv6 addresses over IPv4 addresses.

HTTP DCV will continue to use IPv4 addresses for DCV domains that do not have AAAA records. If an AAAA record exists, AutoSSL will attempt to run a DCV on the IPv6 address. Any misconfigured AAAA records will cause HTTP DCV to fail, even if you properly configure the A records. Alternatively, you can remove the AAAA records to use IPv4 exclusively.

Create Support Ticket interface now suggests that customers open a ticket with their license provider

In cPanel & WHM version 78.0.6, we updated WHM's Create Support Ticket interface (WHM >> Home >> Support >> Create Support Ticket) to suggest that users open a support ticket with their license provider. If available, the interface will display their license provider's contact information.

Updated Notifications of Outdated Software template

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we updated the Notifications of Outdated Software notification template. It will now include a stronger warning. The warning asks users to update software before future versions of cPanel & WHM no longer support it. If you do not update the outdated software, the system may block your cPanel & WHM updates until you do.

The find_outdated_services script ignores the auditd service

In cPanel & WHM version 78, the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services script ignores the auditd service when it checks for services that are out of date. The auditd program, or Linux Auditing System, writes audit records to disk.

Deprecated and removed items

SquirrelMail webmail

We have now fully removed SquirrelMail from the available applications in cPanel's Webmail interface. To use a custom installation of SquirrelMail, read our Tutorial - Integrate Custom Webmail Applications documentation.

We deprecated SquirrelMail in cPanel & WHM version 76, and new installations on version 76 and later do not include it. For more information, read our cPanel Deprecation Plan documentation.

MyDNS and NSD deprecation

In cPanel & WHM version 78, we deprecated the MyDNS and NSD nameserver software and plan to remove them in a future release. On new installations of cPanel & WHM, the Nameserver Selection interface (WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Nameserver Selection) no longer allows you to select these nameservers. If you use either of these nameservers, we strongly recommend that you migrate to the PowerDNS nameserver. 

For more information, read our cPanel Deprecation Plan documentation.

Appendix A: Third-party applications


cPanel & WHM version 78 includes the following third-party applications:

PHP Modules

cPanel & WHM version 78 includes the following PHP modules:

Perl modules

cPanel & WHM version 78 includes the following Perl modules:


cPanel & WHM uses the following operating system-provided third-party applications:

Appendix B: New and modified API functions

New UAPI functions

Modified UAPI functions

Modified cPanel API 2 functions

Modified cPanel API 1 functions

Modified WHM API 1 functions

Modified WHM API 0 functions

Deprecated WHM API 1 Functions

Deprecated UAPI Functions

Removed cPanel API 2 functions

Removed cPanel API 1 functions

Removed WHM API 0 functions