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This interface allows you to customize parts of the cPanel and Webmail interfaces. You can:

Customize Branding

To customize the cPanel or Webmail interfaces:

  1. Enter your company's name in the Company Name text box to brand the interface with your company name.

  2. Enter your help or support URL in the Help Link text box to customize the Help link. The Help link won't appear in the cPanel interface until you enter a custom URL.

  3. Enter your documentation URL in the Documentation Link text box to customize the Documentation link. If you don't enter a custom Documentation link, the Documentation link points to the cPanel, L.L.C. documentation.

  4. Click Browse under the desired heading to add your company logo, Webmail logo, or favicon. Then, select the desired file.

  5. To apply your changes, click Save.

Customize Style

Upload a custom style

To upload custom cPanel styles:

  1. Click Upload a Style.
  2. To select a style to upload, click Browse.
  3. To set the style as the default style, select the Set this style as my default style checkbox.
  4. Click Upload.

Manage Styles

To modify the theme or style for existing accounts, use the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/modify_accounts script

Use the Manage Styles section to work with styles. To filter the list of styles, click the desired filter name.

For each style, you can perform the following actions:

Public Contact

  • We strongly recommend that you update this. Otherwise, customers see the default information, which may hurt your brand.
  • The cPanel interface will not show the company name that you enter in the Customize Branding tab on placeholder pages.

The Account Suspended and Default Webpage pages show visitors your contact information. Users will also see it when they search for your contact information.

For example, when the system displays a placeholder page to a user, they may see the following message:

If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider: webmaster@

In this example, webmaster@ is a link to the hosting provider's default contact email address. If you update this information, you can choose a specific email address or URL instead.

Customize contact information

To enter your public contact information:

  1. Enter your company's name in the Public Company Name text box.
  2. Enter your company's URL in the Public Contact URL text box.
  3. Click Save.

File locations

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