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This interface allows you to simultaneously change the attributes of multiple accounts to use the same settings.

When you modify an account, the system overrides any custom settings that you assign to the account. For example, if you directly assigned a bandwidth quota to an account and then use this interface to modify the bandwidth quota for multiple accounts, the system overwrites the account's bandwidth setting. You must directly assign the amount of bandwidth again.

Modify an account's specifications

To modify an account’s specifications, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the accounts that you wish to modify.

    The section on the right side of the interface allows you to search for accounts by user, domain, reseller or owner, package, or theme. Enter the search criteria in the available text box on the right, and then click Select Matching Users to select users or DeSelect Matching Users to deselect users.

  2. Select the configuration options that you wish to change from the menus below.

  3. Click Change.

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